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Asset Search & Background Investigation

United Law Company (ULC) has virtually created a new professional service, one with broad applicability to situations involving litigation, fraud, internal integrity and personal protection. We are longtime professionals operating systematically, for individuals and organizations to find out personal information and for business people to help their business. We always stay on the right side of the law when performing our investigations. We are not officials of any government. We are independent investigators performing this service commercially. Our staff is composed of highly qualified investigators and educated individuals, who have excellent people and organizational skills. Many cases require not only a thorough investigation, but organizational insight and abilities as well.

ULC has that in-depth knowledge to provide thorough and reliable investigative services to corporations, general public, financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, and consumers worldwide. We have the ability to handle direct hands-on investigation and major case management. We use the latest database and information systems to enhance the investigative process.

ULC maintains relationships with experienced and reliable investigators who can assist the firm's lawyers in the confidential development of important information. Whether the need is to identify and locate witnesses or evidence, appraise potential business partners, monitor compliance programs or other aspects of corporate diligence, or settle an estate, these investigative services are readily available to our clients.

Our Areas of Expertise-Asset Search

A search for money -- This can include bank accounts, stocks, insurance, businesses, real property and personal property.

Family Investigations: Premarital

Our Agency can reveal valuable and in-depth information for personal involvements or verification of credentials.

Marriage/Divorce Records

Number of Children, Date of Birth, Phone Number Searches, Ownership of Residences.

Third-Party Involvement

Providing a proof of a third party involvement can assist you towards an Information Request for a more positive settlement. The evidence we provide can prove "Inclination and Opportunity" and is through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes a strong "bargaining power" in negotiations for settling private affairs.

Businesses & Professionals

Verifying that you are dealing with a viable business that has the assets, insurance, state license and training to do the job. We also verify the license, credentials, education and discipline records of professionals. For example, how may times has your doctor been sued for malpractice? Has your attorney ever been suspended from the bar? A quick inspection will protect your health and assets.

Prospective Tenant

Designed for the Landlord or Business considering a lease or contractual relationship. Major clues are checked; a statewide search for judgments, liens and bankruptcies; Social Security and state identification verification.

Polygraph Testing

Polygraph tests are conducted in matters of infidelity, theft, false allegations, dispute resolutions, and a multitude of other trust issues.

Employment: Employee Profiles/Verification

The standard checks that every employer should use on any prospective employee to verify their identity, social security number and drivers license.

Other Standards




Child Custody Computer Fraud

Conflict of Interest




Parental Kidnapping


Will Contest

and more...


Designed for the individual business owner or manager to uncover problems with theft, fraud, and drugs among employees.

Personal Injury: Specifically designed as a support service for Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Companies. We locate witnesses, obtain statements, review accident scenes, verify fraud, and use photography. We also handle other related inquiries.

Criminal Defense: Comprehensive investigations designed specifically for each client when defending criminal matters. We pay attention to the questions you need answered and answer them fully and directly. We provide professional and representative photos and diagrams of the scene, ready for introduction as exhibits.

Estate and Probate Investigations: These investigations often involve following a trail years old. From locating missing heirs and witnesses to uncovering unknown assets, we have a proven track record of providing professional and efficient estate and probate investigation services throughout Pakistan.

Conducting background investigations: We conduct background checks to uncover personal, professional, financial, civil and criminal histories.

Identifying, Locating, and Interviewing Witnesses: We are able to quickly locate most witnesses. We conduct effective interviews of witnesses and subjects and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats.

Insurance Fraud

This type of investigation helps insurance companies and large corporations uncover persons falsely claiming injuries, thus, receiving disability compensation. We provide solid visual evidence, saving companies significant amounts in fraudulent claims.

Document and evidence retrieval: Give us a list of the documents you need. We know how to obtain and certify them as quickly as possible


Personal Background Checks

Public Records

Court Records

Bankruptcy Records

Marriage Records

Civil Records

Criminal Records

Divorce Records

Vital Records

Birth Certificates

Death Certificates

Adoption Records

Tax Records

Property Search

Parcel/Real Property Search

Court Dockets, Calendars, and Minute Entries Search

Driving Records

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

Credit Reports

Listed and Unlisted Phone Numbers

Listed and Unlisted Cell Phone Numbers

E-mail From Name Search

Address From Name Search

Address Reverse Search (Name from address search etc.)

E-mail Reverse Search (Name from e-mail search etc.)

ZIP/Postal/Area Codes Criminal Background Checks

Doctor Background Verification

Employees Background Checks


Background Check

Background Investigations

Bill & Account Collection

Child Care Payments

Civil Investigations

Corporate Crime Investigations.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Records Research

Courier Service

Court Reporting

Criminal Background

Criminal Checks

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Records Research

Divorce Investigations

Drivers License Information


Expert Consultations


Information Collection

Insurance & Criminal Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigation

International Services

Investigative Due Diligence

Kin & Kids Investigations

Missing Person Investigation

Motor Vehicle Searches

Municipal record searches

Notary Services

Occupancy & Property Inspections

Post Office Checks

Pre & Post Employment Screening.

Prison Records Research

Process Service

Process Serving

Professional License Investigations

Public Records Searches

Real Property Records Research


Summons and Complaints


Product Counterfeiting

Product Liability

Trade Secrets

Criminal history

Financial Information including Liabilities and Creditors etc.

Business Ownership, Affiliations and Related Entities

Patents and Trademarks

Practice Spotlight:

Search-Private & Public Records

Background Investigations

Insurance Fraud

Employee Profiles/Verification

Area of Practice

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