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Corporate Governance

Law Firmís attorneys have advised company on the development and implementation of corporate governance, ethics, and compliance programs, including management structures and control systems, to prevent and detect violations of law. A comprehensive compliance program may entail reviewing and revising existing policies, programs, and procedures, drafting a code of business conduct and related policies, and structuring and documenting compliance oversight, reporting, auditing, and monitoring procedures and training programs. Regular, ongoing aspects of this practice include advising company clients on a full range of corporate governance and related matters, such as board of directors and committee composition, practices and procedures, directorsí duties and responsibilities, and compliance with applicable Pakistani Federal Laws, Provincial laws, and the regulatory requirements under Pakistan Law and the Stock Exchange.

Closely Held Business

As a closely held business grows, its need for experienced legal assistance can multiply quickly. What started as a simple, straightforward enterprise may soon find itself facing a bewildering host of issues including questions of ownership, control, employment laws and compensation to name just a few. As the business develops, the unexpected and the unforeseen are almost guaranteed. United Law Company has represented scores of closely held businesses over the last couple of years. These include corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, as well as entities that are family-owned or owned by unrelated parties. Our extensive experience enables it to quickly analyze a clientís situation, and to recommend and implement the legal alternatives that will best achieve the clientís objectives.

Organizing Your Business

Law Firm works with clients to determine what form their business should take. The Law Firmís practical knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages that various business forms present enables it to recommend which form of ownership best suits each clientís unique needs. For example, some clientsí interests may be best served by organizing as a corporation. For others, the best choice may be a partnership, limited partnership or a limited liability company.

Growing Your Business

Law Firm is prepared to bring its broad experience to bear on the challenges you face. When it comes to raising capital, the firm provides counsel in connection with debt financings both through conventional bank loans and various government loans. The Law Firmís attorney also assists with all types of equity financings, including venture capital, private placements and initial public offerings. In addition, law firmís attorney helps with the arrangements a growing business may wish to make with other parties Ė including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and franchising.

Managing Your Business

Growing businesses often add new talent, creating the need for employment agreements and business plans. To succeed, these must serve the interests of both the company, employee and the other company. The business may also wish to form subsidiaries or affiliates, or take other tax-efficient approaches such as limited liability companies, corporations or limited partnerships in order to optimize its operating and tax situation. At this stage, it may be necessary to begin addressing such governance issues as how best to allocate power among competing interests. A business/ legal audit may be necessary to determine which legal and structural issues the enterprise faces. Law Firm has a wide range of experience in assisting with all of these matters. What will happen to your business when you retire or become less active in it? Who will run it? Who will own it? How can you assure the outcome you desire? Law Firmís Business Group benefits clients in several ways.

Planning and Preventive Measures

The law firmís vast experience allows it to foresee many of the potential pitfalls and to develop plans to prevent them.


Law firm provides innovative, solutions-oriented approaches.

World-Class Experience

The law firm knows from experience how to identify relevant issues and implement the most effective course of action.


The law firm has access to sources of capital and to consultants who can provide financial guidance, business valuations and other resources.

Area of Practice

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