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We undertake all kinds of matters pertaining to criminal laws. We are well equipped to defend our clients charged with any offence under penal law and liability etc. We also initiate the complaint proceedings and FIR Registration in cases where police develops cold attitude towards the plight of the victim.

In the world of criminal law, there is no substitute for skilful advocacy and experience. The lawyers at Criminal Law Practice are experienced and skilled advocates who can deal with any criminal law matter, from murder charges to minor offences. They fight hard for their clients each and every day, achieving results that have earned them reputations as top criminal lawyers.

We are experienced in handling an entire spectrum of criminal matters ranging from the most minor to the most complex. We specialize in both prosecutions as well as defense work and provide a straightforward analysis on legal issues whilst offering practical advice and representation the lawyers of Criminal Law Practice are dedicated to the litigation of criminal law. They give clients their personal attention, developing trust and rapport with them in order to provide advice and advocacy that is timely, direct and of the highest professional standards.

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Area of Practice

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Supreme Court issues notices to Geo and Jang
The Supreme Court has directed the print and electronic media neither to publish

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