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ULC and affiliates provides immigration and student visa consultancy services to a broad range of clients. As full-service firm we have a wider perspective. When advising on and preparing visa petitions, we know that all relevant laws must be considered not just those that specifically apply to immigration.

Our services extend right around the world, with association of immigration consultants and lawyers for providing emigration services for entry to USA, UK, Canada, European Countries, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand etc.

We provide a wide range of services for many visas types and categories. Our global immigration and student visa services are specifically tailored to assist our clients in traveling or migration to another country and gaining education in prestigious and top ranking colleges and universities worldwide.

We have assisted many satisfied customers with their immigration and student visa applications and helped them to make their emigration goals reality. Our team is highly trained and a dedicated group of professionals who are devoted to providing excellent services to our customers.

Apart from the immigration services for other countries we also have the clients all over the world who intend to come to Pakistan on Tourist, Business or Work Visas. We also arrange extension of their stay in Pakistan and help them to solve their other relating problems. We render this service to the Consultants and Experts of many Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, SMEs, Infrastructure, Chemicals, IT, Energy, Mining, Tourism and Engineering sectors.

Our dedicated and experienced Attorneys and Staff provide effective and quality legal services to our clients and we are committed to represent Employees, Employers, Companies, Corporations students and Individuals - the full spectrum of those who need us. We also handle Appeals for every facet of immigration and visa refusal to the relevant Appeal Department in each country and handle every kind of immigration problem through Immigration Law Firms in the respective country.

We like to add that we are not part of any Government but are a Private Company and do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advice clients who want to emigrant to any country as well as student visa consultancy services. The final decisions on all visa applications rest with the appropriate Government Authority in the Country concerned.

ULC is a truly global company having association with Immigration Law Firms in all countries which are largest Immigration Firms worldwide and are clear leaders in technology and service innovation thus we offer a unique concept of providing global capabilities and locally responsive service.

In light of the growing trend to migrate abroad for better prospects and a better future, our chamber offers specialized services for a variety of matters relating to immigration law. Our close engagement with clients from initial consultation to implementation has got us remarkable results, thereby making us unique in the field. For better results, we strongly believe in keeping ourselves abreast with recent developments in immigration laws, and work closely on individual applications to bring them in conformity with the latest changes in the policy.

Our starting point is always a face-to-face discussion to ascertain exactly what the client's requirements are. Once we understand your business and needs, we draw on our experience and expertise to advise you exactly what is legally possible and which type of visa is best suited to your circumstances. There are usually extensive and detailed rules for each category and it is absolutely vital, therefore, that your application is presented with the correct supporting documents. An incorrectly presented application can either be held up by requests for further information or, at worst, even be refused.

Our Services Include

Give you a full and detailed list of documents you need to provide;
Prepare the application form and send it to you to check and sign;
Submit the application on your behalf to the UK immigration authorities;
Monitor progress of the application and respond to any enquiries;
Where necessary, keep you informed of progress;
Once the application has been approved, advise where necessary on other immigration requirements.

Our Undertaking to You

We will deliver a timely, professional service based on our deep understanding of the immigration rules and how they may apply to your circumstances;
We normally do not submit an application to the immigration authorities until we are reasonably certain that it will be approved. Student Visas

The UK has been quite keen to attract bright young people to come and take advantage of the many types of high quality courses and opportunities to study in the UK. We are also keen that you might stay there after you have graduated and join the UK workforce. Obtaining a UK Student Visa has changed greatly in recent times and so has the process and criteria for what you can do during and after your UK education such as working, further study or something completely different like setting up your own business or consultancy. We will help you in procuring a student visa, by the virtue of our streamlined services. We will assist you to get the most authentic and crystallized information pertaining to every stage of the documentation process.

Business Visa

We provide important insight into the prerequisites for acquiring a visa for setting up a business in UK. We assist you in acquiring several different kinds of business visas depending on the kind and nature of your business. You can apply for a Business visa if you aspire to be self employed, start a freelancing business, start an office of an overseas business or if you are an overseas lawyer and wish to practice non-UK law in the UK.

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holidaymaker is a program where a Commonwealth citizen aged between 17 and 30 can go to the UK for an extended holiday of up to two years. You can work up to 12 months however this should not be the reason of your stay. The holiday should be the main reason for your stay. Single applicants with no dependants are preferred or else should be married to someone who also qualifies for a working holiday and had earlier not availed this option. Financial standing without recourse to public funds and intention to leave UK at the end of time period is paramount.

Highly Skilled Migrant Program

The Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) is designed to help the UK win the “war for talent”. A Highly Skilled Migrant Program is an option for immigration to the United Kingdom available to professional people, or to those who are interested in working in the UK without requiring a Work Permit. The Program operates on a points-based system and allows people with valuable professional skills to migrate to the United Kingdom in order to look for work or to become self-employed. Unlike a UK Work Permit the HSMP UK visa service requires neither an application from a British company nor a specific offer of employment to be in place. As a result, HSMP offers greater flexibility to the holder ensuring that they are not tied to an employer and are free to undertake employment as they choose. In addition, HSMP differs from the Innovators scheme or other business categories in that applicants do not need to invest, create jobs or present a detailed business plan. On approval of HSMP you will initially be granted 24 months' stay in the UK. Following this, you can apply to remain in the same capacity for a further period of up to three years. After five years as a highly skilled migrant, you will be entitled to apply for permanent residence. Our chamber exclusively deals with cases of applicants desirous of applying to the Home Office under the HSMP. Our expert team undertakes selective cases so that each case receives full and proper attention as filing of documentary evidence could be quite sizeable. Our chamber has the credit of successfully dealing with cases of professionals including doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, IT professionals, holders of MBA degree’s and other skilled persons. The criterion for considering application includes age, graduate level qualification, UK experience, past earnings, with special points for MBA degree holders from specified universities and last, but not the least, good command over English language.

UK Visa Refusal Appeals

Refusals frequently occur when applicants have not had professional guidance with their application, either due to lack of supportive documentary evidence or could even result because of insufficient preparation for the interview.

Survey conducted at the local level revealed that very few people are actually aware of the right to appeal against refusal to enter United Kingdom. Most refusals can be appealed; however the appeal must be submitted within strict time limit, usually within 28 days of the date of refusal. We specialize in detailed drafts explaining your stance in depth, which is ultimately decided by the judge in chamber on the basis of paper hearing alone without incurring huge costs. However, in exceptional cases we strongly recommend hiring the services of a barrister in UK in case of oral hearing before immigration appeal court, Asylum and Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Our results in appeals have been quite outstanding with a success rate of over 90% especially for visitor visa refusal and student visa refusals, giving us tremendous recognition among the aggrieved applicants who after refusal gave up all hopes of visiting UK.

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