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Legal Outsourcing

ULC and affiliates are intimately familiar with the legal and regulatory, technical and business issues that can arise during an outsourcing transaction, including information security and data privacy concerns. Our Outsourcing Group brings extensive experience during contract negotiations and continues to work with clients well after agreements are drafted and signed.

We deal with all the legal and contractual issues relating to outsourcing agreements, including pricing and payment mechanisms, service definitions, service levels, service credit regimes, customer obligations, benchmarking, remedies and change control procedures. Demonstrating our extensive range of capabilities and experience, we increasingly counsel clients on in sourcing the process of moving outsourced processes in-house. We also advise clients in connection with co-sourcing an innovative process by which customers maintain control of functions such as applications development while using a service provider to enhance the efficiency and economy within the organization.

Legal Research

ULC's Research Team provides reliable analytical and persuasive legal research services. ULC is capable of researching almost any legal issue and providing a finished work product in any format preferred by the customer including the following:

Court-ready legal brief stating the legal basis for its client's position in an ongoing case.

Providing legal analysis of issues presented by the client’s set of facts.

Survey of laws, rules or regulations in various jurisdictions applicable to a topic or issue selected by the client.

A legal position based on a set of facts; or Annotated summary of cases relevant to the client's issue(s) with copies of the cases attached. Legal outsourcing legal outsourcing

International law and directives, including labor and employment regulations, trans-border taxation, and intellectual property.

Multi-jurisdictional surveys of state and local case law, statutes, ordinances and regulations.

Litigation Support

Our highly trained and specialized litigation support team works closely with your legal team and performs the following services:

Appreciation of evidence and facts.

Data-intensive quasi-legal/non-legal research

Litigation related on-going legal research

Summarization/abstraction of relevant/key/voluminous documents

To ensure continuity and consistency, we have the same litigation team work with you for the entire duration of the litigation.

Contract/Agreement Drafting


Distribution or transfer


Industry Specific



Agreement Review & Management

Our specialized contract review team comprises of experienced & trained attorneys who are well versed in contract review/management. We routinely review large numbers of contracts and present our findings in easy-to-use matrix formats that provide you with a snapshot of key terms and obligations in your contracts.

In addition, we review your new contracts as they are entered into (on an ongoing basis) and update the matrix so you always have immediate access to the latest information in your contracts.

Factual Research

In addition to legal research, ULC provides factual research on a variety of issues. For example, our clients often request research of financial and other data relevant to a certain company or group of companies within an industry.

Document Review

We efficiently review, organize, code and synopsize scanned documents in preparation for litigation or in connection with due diligence of a large transaction. We tailor our document review services to the specific needs of our clients. By working with many web-based software programs, we are able to provide the most efficient and flexible review services. We are also able to provide a finished result that is compatible with our clients’ existing document review software programs. So, whether you have a thousand or hundreds of thousands of documents needing reviewing, we are your one stop solution.

Immigration Law

We draft documents related to all immigration practices spanning work permits, citizenship, sponsorship declarations, appeals, student & visitor visas, change in status and all other permits.

Employment Law

Our employment law practice has expertise in drafting commercial agreements, claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination, working time regulations etc.

Injury Compensation Law

Our team offers Injury compensation law services like road traffic accidents and employment related injuries. Our expertise and knowledge in this field puts us in the best position to service these needs.

Wills and Probate

We provide wills and probate drafting services from our principal office. Our team, proficient with foreign laws is best placed to provide these services from Pakistan. The review procedures both at Pakistan and onsite ensure quality of service.

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Agreement drafting, review & management

Immigration Law

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Employment Law

Injury Compensation Law

Wills and Probate

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