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22 bills introduced in NA
As many as 22 bills were introduced to National Assembly on a private...
Body for amendments to Nizam-e-Adal Regulation
The NWFP and federal governments’ joint committee...
Cabinet approves draft Anti-Dumping Duties (Amendment) Ordinance, 2008: Anti-Dumping Appellate Tribunal Proposed
The Federal Cabinet of Pakistan has approved the draft Anti-Dumping Duties
FBR considers decentralizing Sales Tax Registration
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) may delegate powers to regional collectors
SNGPL challenges ECC raw material price escalation formula in the Lahore High Court
The Federal Cabinet of Pakistan has approved the draft Anti-Dumping Duties
Pakistan seeking from US consular access for Dr Afia
Pakistan is seeking from United States consular access and medical
Heroism of Pakistani Lawyers and Judges to be Honoured by the American Bar Association
The bravery of Pakistani lawyers who faced down baton-wielding police over
Foreign investors to invest USD $25 billion in Punjab Province, particularly Lahore, in the next 3 years
Foreign Investment According to the Department for Trade and Investment, Government of the Punjab
Supreme Court issues notices to Geo and Jang
The Supreme Court has directed the print and electronic media neither to publish


ULC is more than just a law firm. For the benefit of educational institutions, we have taken the initiative to conduct training sessions with aspiring students from distinguished law schools. Our specialist lawyers impart knowledge and the skills required in the legal field. This training assists students to learn the real- time functioning of our organization. It also aids in the understanding of the value-added services we provide to different genres of clients.

Select students and scholars spend time under the guidance of a partner at ULC. The partner addresses them with the expertise and professionalism required to achieve their objectives in a competent environment. Exchange of dialogue is encouraged during the training. Presentations and discussions are a part of our agenda.

Through these training interactions we too get the opportunity to recognize talent from various law schools across Pakistan every year. After all, ULC’s future lawyers are amongst them

On a regular basis, lawyers from ULC also act as visiting faculty at various educational institutes. Furthermore, in a global business environment, it would serve much purpose if businessmen, managers and entrepreneurs were to have a working awareness of the law. Consequently, we plan to intermingle with leading business schools to facilitate the know-how and working of a full service law firm such as ours.

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